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Returning to homelessness is not an option.  Help us provide a home for Kenya's orphaned and needy children.



Your donation makes it possible for Matanya's Hope to give children like this little boy a safe, loving home.

Your donation makes it possible for Matanya’s Hope to give children like this little boy a safe, loving home.

Help Matanya’s Hope Provide a Home for Kenya’s Orphaned & Needy Children during this pandemic.

Your support helps us meet the needs of hungry, scared children every day. We are delivering food to sustain the hungry and special hygiene stations to protect at risk communities during this Covid 19 Pandemic. We are sheltering more than 35 children from this storm, providing water, clothing, shoes, medical, academics, spiritual grounding and much more! We need your help!


1. Approximately 1/8 of our MH students are orphaned, abused, and neglected; they do not have a home apart from our MH family. In the face of Covid 19, we find ourselves with 35 homeless children and no safe place for them to find shelter. We have to act quickly to establish a home – a place these children can be safe, away from the most populated Covid outbreaks.

This pandemic opened our eyes.
If there is a time that MH cannot provide money for these children in Kenya, where will they live?
If all we do is rent a temporary home, what stability will they have? We must prepare for the future.

By securing land and building a safe house, we will have a permanent place for generations of Matanya’s Hope children to call home. This permanent solution will enable us to feed our children, freeing them from the plague of hunger. As it stands today, we rely on buying food from the market. If there comes a time when Matanya’s Hope cannot provide funds for the children, hunger will overtake their lives. This famine is a gateway to sickness, hopelessness, and the inability to learn well. Together, we can prevent this tragedy from happening.

Just before the Covid pandemic hit, donors like you helped us make a down payment on 1 ¼ acres of fertile farmland. Let us come together and give these children a chance for a healthy and hopeful future. This land is their hope. Without it, they will return to the hunger and devastation of the streets. Together, let us stand up for the young.

Young boy cooking cabbage and potatoes for the days lunch

Young boy cooking cabbage and potatoes for the days lunch


For those needy children not yet sponsored, we will have the option to send them to a local day school and mentor them from home.


At this time, if Matanya’s Hope cannot offer financial assistance to house these desperate kids, we will have to send innocent children who we have loved, nurtured, and guided back to the streets. Please help us establish a safe home to keep these children protected from the dangers of the streets.

2. To our children, a Matanya’s Hope safe house is like a light in the darkness.
The provision of land and a home in Matanya’s Hope’s name will serve these children for generations. Please help us give them a legacy. Like any family, our children’s children will continue the tradition of opening our doors to the orphaned and hungry children in desperate need.

Your donation of any amount helps Matanya’s Hope provide hope for some of Kenya’s most vulnerable children.

Let’s think of the child. We are their only hope.

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If you would like to make a recurring donation, select option through the DONATE button.

Send checks to the address below:
Matanya’s Hope PO Box 562 Homewood, IL 60430 708 822 4673 www.matanyashope.org

Sean Martin is overjoyed to receive clothing and school supplies during mission.

Look Who Just Got Sponsored!

You may already be a part of miraculous stories in your life, or maybe you are eager to be a part of the miracles unfolding right here at Matanya’s Hope. To every sponsor, prayer warrior and donor, thank you for helping us give love and hope to thousands of children in need. This story is about Sean Martin, a boy who touched founder Michelle Stark’s heart the moment she met him.

Stark tells us, “My entire being ached when I heard Sean’s story from the Director of his school.” Desperate to get her grandchildren educated, Sean’s jobless grandmother walked barefooted and hungry to a “local” primary school. The trek was monumental, demanding this elderly woman to sustain a long climb up the steep, rocky mountain roads until she reached the school gates. There, she told the director that she had no money but would bring some soon. She explained, “Sean has just been orphaned and his cousin Valerie is orphaned as well”. The director took the two children in, but months passed and the promissory fees were not paid. The children’s grandmother was unable to manage the bill. Sean and Valerie were to be sent home… Their hope for education faded. That is when I met them.

Sean smiled but I could see the pain beneath his sweet face. He needed the absolute basic necessities in life: food,shelter and love. When his mother never returned from a recent outing, Sean’s only hope was his jobless grandmother who took him into her 11 X 11 rented room. She did all she could already to support 7 orphaned grandchildren. Sean Martin now made 8.

Sean Martin, pictured after spending a day with Matanya's Hope Mission Team

Sean Martin, pictured after spending a day with Matanya’s Hope Mission Team

Stark recalls, “When I was a child, I rode my bicycle all day and played with my friends.” Sean Martin prays for a meal to eat and an education to carry him throughout his lifetime. He promised his grandmother, “One day, Grandmother, I will be educated and I will get a good job and build you a house.” He held the crayons we gave him and drew a picture of this house of his dreams.

So what does it take to help a child like Sean? It takes action and understanding that not every child has been given a chance to experience life like our children. When bad things happen to these kids, there is no way out… unless we help them. Stark says, “When I see a child finally get sponsored, when they begin to understand that their life matters and that other people care about them – when I see that, it is like experiencing a sunrise in my soul!”

This is Sean with other Matanya's Hope students at school.  Founder, Michelle Stark is pictured in the back row.

This is Sean with other Matanya’s Hope students at school. Founder, Michelle Stark is pictured in the back row.

To Sean’s sponsor. Thank you! You have changed the world for this beautiful boy!

To sponsor a child in need, please contact Matanya’s Hope: 708-822-HOPE (4673) or email us at: [email protected]

Donations are needed to help us continue the programs which reach children like Sean.

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