Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Kindness Connection

Matanya’s Hope thanks everyone who helped create the pencil cases for our children in Kenya. The pencils and personal notes inside were a real gift; most children in our program can’t afford even a single pencil! Your creations were brilliant! We also give a big thanks to those who worked behind the scenes. Together, we brought smiles to many faces.

To learn more about Matanya’s Hope and how you can change the world for one of our children through sponsorship, please go to or call us at (708) 822-HOPE (4673)

My Matanya Mission

Do you know of any children who go to bed hungry every night? Who has only the clothes on their backs and probably does not own a pair of shoes? Who sleep on dirt floors without so much as a blanket? Who are orphans because they have lost their parents to disease and lack of medical attention? Who can’t go to school because even though the government provides schooling for Primary Shool children their families canÂ’t afford the required inform? Who even if they get through grammer school can’t go on to Secondary School (High School) because their families can’t afford it?

Well we do, they are the children of Matanya’s Hope.