This is a lucky child.

I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I watched a child collect and drink muddy river water from an old, battered plastic bottle.

The smell of cow and goat urine permeated the air. Animal hoof prints were embedded in the muddy banks. Children gathered for a drink.

River water carries diseases such as typhoid, malaria and brucellosis. Without treatment, these diseases can kill.

Seeing children gathered by a river is a common site in Kenya. But common does not mean “safe” or “good”.

Rainwater Storage Tanks harvest clean SAFE drinking water from the rooftops of homes. The water is collected from the roof via the gutters and channeled through a sieve where the debris is sifted out. Each tank is treated to prevent mold and bacteria.

It still pains me to see children drinking river water. But together we can continue to provide a better alternative – ONE RAINWATER STORAGE TANK AT A TIME.


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