Matanya’s Hope Reaches Out to Severely Impoverished

julia wan bed

“This is my bed. Uneven 2 X 4’s force their jagged edges into me. I stuff my shredded clothing into the cracks, hoping I might find comfort for the night. My two sisters and brother all sleep with me in here. It is all we have.”

Each year, Matanya’s Hope sets out on mission to bring encouragement, love and material support to extremely impoverished and orphaned children and their communities in Kenya, East Africa.
We distribute:

  • school supplies to children who do not have so much as a pencil to call their own
  • blankets and mattresses to children who sleep on dirt floors, or simply huddle together for warmth
  • shoes to people of all ages who walk miles barefooted, because there is no choice
  • medical supplies to remote medical clinics who may not have a single bandage to offer
  • porridge to hungry children who can go up to 4 days without a single meal
  • motivation and counseling to hundreds of children throughout the mission
  • clothes to the naked and needy
  • and this year we will be distributing micronutrients to 1000 malnourished children – helping them to maximize their potential physically, emotionally and academically through medically balanced nutrition

Simply putjoyces brother
Your donations CHANGE and SAVE lives

Skip your coffee JUST THIS ONCE
Do it for a kid in need.


Julia Wangari recvng mat blnkt pillw etc




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