Alshabab attacks on Garissa University – KENYA
prayer by Michelle Stark​

Little crabs crawl on a salted ocean rock
Ocean waves come and go
The sun rises and sets
And to most –
The world looks so normal
We even forget to count the days
Until we realize that a whole month has passed
Or a whole year
Or even a lifetime…

But when tragedy strikes
It stops time
It stops hearts
It stops life

I want to cry out to God
But can’t find the words
The tears are stuck
A gray mask begins to seal itself around my life
I can’t see out beyond the pain
Hope has returned to a seed
Waiting once again for a chance to germinate
And my world has stopped

Ticking clocks are only relative to time passing

God help me find you in this.
Help me see beyond the pain.

Help me know intrinsically that YOU ARE STILL THE HOPE AND PEACE OF THE WORLD
That you have not forgotten us

Father help guide me

My vessel is covered with a veil

My soul seeks the intrinsic call of love
The hope filled seeds of joy
And words that make sense

But the waters have turned to scarlet
And the earth to bullets in the sand
The birds are silent
Screams fill the air
Even today, when the screams have vanished
I still hear them
I hear the cries of the innocent

And I wonder

What is this life?

Help me make sense of it Father.

People awaken to a new day
Step out of bed
Yawn and stretch
Taking all for granted.

Whatever is planned is planned…
Until the spear severs the corn

Until silence falls on everything

God help me because I can’t make sense of this!



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