Sponsorship Poster Alan & Eric 2019 - DESPERATELY NEED SPONSORS

Alan and Erick


Meeting these children jolted everything in me. They were hungry and displaced from the $3 a month rented room their single mother could not afford. While some of the siblings trekked hungry to their nearby day school, others remained home, to search for something to eat.

Eric - Kimahuri Primary

Alan  Kimahuri child

Alan and Erick are brothers. They were introduced to us last year during mission. They are the youngest of their family.

Although Matanya’s Hope only takes 1 child per family, we found sponsors for Jane, John and Ester, Alan and Erick’s three elder siblings. We hoped and prayed that Alan and Erick would benefit from the love and care they needed from mom, now that their elder siblings were in school. But, that never happened.

Alan and Erick fell prey to a hopeless despair, epidemic beyond poverty. Teachers reached out to us, begging us to “Please sponsor these bright boys. They need your help.”

Dreams start here. Let’s be the voice of hope for Alan and Erick.

These children were sponsored last year.  Among them are Erick & Alan's siblings.

These children were sponsored last year. Among them are Erick & Alan’s siblings.

As my great grandfather Harry Berman once said, “If a single day goes by where someone else doesn’t benefit from your being alive, you’ve wasted your day.”

Let’s make this day count.

Will you please help us send one or both of these boys to school?
Contact Matanya’s Hope for more information: 708-822-4673
or email Matanya’s Hope founder, Michelle Stark at [email protected]

Thank you.



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