The Kindness Connection

Matanya’s Hope thanks everyone who helped create the pencil cases for our children in Kenya. The pencils and personal notes inside were a real gift; most children in our program can’t afford even a single pencil! Your creations were brilliant! We also give a big thanks to those who worked behind the scenes. Together, we brought smiles to many faces.

To learn more about Matanya’s Hope and how you can change the world for one of our children through sponsorship, please go to or call us at (708) 822-HOPE (4673)



One thought on “The Kindness Connection

  1. Wanja Douglas

    Many may not understand the full extent of the extra spared $75. The money may look so small but can paint a smile forever in a child.
    I was born of a poor family and orphaned by HIV/AIDS which took the life of my precious mom. I didn’t have the power to move on but Matanya’s Hope through Michelle Stark gave me a chance. I just graduated from the one of the BEST universities in Africa and the BEST in Kenya, the University of Nairobi, with a bachelors degree in Economics. This by itself should speak a million words of what Matanya’s Hope is doing in Kenya and beyond.
    My heart goes to this mission. This summer I will travel with the team and instill hope and love in many lives. I humbly request you to join me in this noble task in anyway possible,…donations……books……..anything that can change a life….

    Douglas Muthinji Wanja

    Beneficiary of Matanya’s Hope Generosity



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