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Much thanks to the LeCavalier family for donating their gently used shoes to our children in Kenya!

Much thanks to the LeCavalier family for donating their gently used shoes to our children in Kenya!

We choose them. We buy them. We wear them.

Each donation from a child (or adult) in the USA can equip a needy child in Kenya with shoes – what could be better than that?

This year, Matanya’s Hope is thrilled to be delivering hundreds of shoes from hundreds of donors like yourselves!

Heartfelt thanks to Grace Church, Camby Indiana, who's members took up a church wide collection of shoes, clothing and school supplies during the month of Lent.

Heartfelt thanks to Grace Church, Camby Indiana, who’s members took up a church wide collection of shoes, clothing and school supplies during the month of Lent.

In just 30 short days, Matanya’s Hope will be starting our 2.5 month journey through Kenya, delivering your donations to those in need.

We travel village to village – often stopping on the road where women, men and children are walking barefooted over rough terrain. We have shoes in our car and the first thing we do is size their feet. Within minutes, the gift of shoes changes everything!

Thank you Bear Hugs for donating over 30 pair of women’s shoes!

Bear Hugs donated 30 pair of women's shoes to Matanya's Hope!

Bear Hugs donated 30 pair of women’s shoes to Matanya’s Hope!

Help us reach those in need.
We need more than material items.
We need funding to get these donations to Kenya.

By sending your tax deductible donation, you will ensure a gift of HOPE.

We desperately need funds to make this mission a go!

The DONATE BUTTON is on the top right corner of this blog.

Thank you!


Donors Amber & Joel and United Technologies make the lifesaving gift of water a reality for more than 300 school children and faculty in rural Kenya.

"Prior to the donation of 10,000 liter rainwater storage tank, students like Naini Rarin (pictured above) had to walk great distances to collect bacteria filled river water for drinking"

“Prior to the donation of 10,000 liter rainwater storage tank, students like Naini Rarin (pictured above) had to walk great distances to collect bacteria filled river water for drinking”

This very water, needed for life, can be the culprit which threatens a child’s existence. It is frequently riddled with bacteria which causes diseases such as typhoid, malaria and brucellosis. Without treatment, each of these diseases can cause death.

Much thanks to Amber, Joel and United Technologies for donating enough funding to provide one 10,000 liter rainwater tank for Irura Primary school, located in rural Kenya. This gift can potentially save many lives and most certainly will enhance the lives of every child who attends Irura Primary school.

Prior to the birth of the Matanya’s Hope Rainwater Storage Tank Program, children attending Irura and other day schools were often in states of lethargy. “It was as if I was looking at children who were not present in their own minds”, says Stark, Matanya’s Hope Founder,”but once we delivered the tanks, the children started coming back to life!”

Thank you Amber, Joel and United Technologies for this gift of LIFE!

Thank you Amber, Joel and United Technologies for this gift of LIFE!

DSCF8047photo 3

The women of Saint Catherine Laboure worked together to make over one hundred and eighty pads for the girls of Matanya’s Hope. In Kenya, when a girl is on her period and cannot afford disposal sanitary napkins she must stay home from school. This means missing many weeks out of the year for something she cannot help. The pads made are reusable and can be cleaned to be used again and allow the girls to attend school every day. Think it’s a little gross? Imagine having nothing and how much better this will make their lives. They are made from flannel and a waterproof fabric to keep from leaking. All materials were purchased with money raised by the women’s guild of Saint Catherine’s. The pads will be making their way to Kenya this summer in only a few days. Help Matanya’s Hope get to Kenya by donating. Every donation counts!

photo 1 photo 4

Boys & Mom Host Garage Sale to Benefit Matanya’s Hope

Jeremy Rivers hosted a garage sale today to benefit the children of Matanya’s Hope.
Rivers and his two brothers gathered a collection of sports equipment, books, games and more and offered them for sale. Jodi, Rivers mother, has been educating these boys on the importance of giving back. Today was a huge mile marker when many 25 and 50 cent items added up to almost $175 dollars raised and donated to Matanya’s Hope!

With the 2014 mission fast approaching, Matanya’s Hope still needs to raise $4,000.
This is your chance to hit the donate button and become a part of our success!

One small act is all it takes to change the life of a child in need.

Just this once. Just a little.
Click the donate button on top of the page and donate today.

Here’s to 3 boys and their mom who made it happen!

Rivers Boys Garage Sale 3



This is a lucky child.

I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I watched a child collect and drink muddy river water from an old, battered plastic bottle.

The smell of cow and goat urine permeated the air. Animal hoof prints were embedded in the muddy banks. Children gathered for a drink.

River water carries diseases such as typhoid, malaria and brucellosis. Without treatment, these diseases can kill.

Seeing children gathered by a river is a common site in Kenya. But common does not mean “safe” or “good”.

Rainwater Storage Tanks harvest clean SAFE drinking water from the rooftops of homes. The water is collected from the roof via the gutters and channeled through a sieve where the debris is sifted out. Each tank is treated to prevent mold and bacteria.

It still pains me to see children drinking river water. But together we can continue to provide a better alternative – ONE RAINWATER STORAGE TANK AT A TIME.


VA - IMG_5179

Decatur Middle School Donates to Matanya’s Hope

The students at Decatur Middle School in Indianapolis Indiana heard the stories of our children in Kenya and decided that they could do something to help. Ann Thomson, Decatur Middle school staff member, traveled to Kenya with Matanya’s Hope and shared stories, pictures and videos with the students to help open their eyes to poverty in a third world nation.

For each of the last two years, these students have dedicated themselves to collecting shoes, books and book bags, making fleece blankets and selling lollipops to raise money for the students of Kenya. The joy of giving has also touched Ann’s daughter who donated several new books and blankets.

Each June Matanya’s Hope takes over 65 fifty pound bags filled with such donations to the students and communities we help.


Stay tuned for your donations meeting their new owners!


Your Help is Our HOPE

Sponsor a Child Today.
Change a life forever.

The children in this video are real. They are some of the most precious people I have personally come to know. I’ve taken the pictures and shot the video. This is not some huge organization out there where the names of the children being helped are almost more like numbers. We are a family – and we are real. Become a part of our story.

Some of the children you will see in the video have been abandoned, others orphaned…and all are so effected by poverty that they often struggle to even find a meal.

Please – join me.
Give a little.
Sponsor a child.
Sponsor a LIFE.

Full sponsorship is $125 per month and sends a child to boarding school in Kenya. It provides tuition, room and board, food, uniforms, shoes, all hygiene products, transportation, books, monor medical, class trips and school supplies. All financial donations are tax deductible according to USA law.

(You can also sponsor a uniform or a pair of shoes. See our website for more ways to give).

I am preparing to leave for Kenya to visit these precious kids in one month. Let me take YOUR MESSAGE OF HOPE with me to the kids. They are eager to meet you. They are praying for sponsorship.

Thank you for stepping up to make education possible.


+1 708 822 HOPE (4673)

Matanya’s Hope
PO Box 562 Homewood, IL 60430

(Donate button on the upper right side of this page)

Every 3.6 Seconds a LIFE is Claimed by Chronic Hunger… 75% of Those People are CHILDREN

Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of chronic hunger.

75% of those people are CHILDREN.

It is time WE take action.


One act of kindness CAN and WILL make a difference in someone’s life.

Will YOU be the one to make that difference?

Just a little
When is the last time you reached out and helped somebody SO MUCH for SO LITTLE

Press the donate button on the TOP RIGHT side of this page for our secure PAY PAL link

New Uniform

Children in impoverished areas of Kenya often lack very basic necessities.
My heart never grows used to seeing the agonizing walk over harsh terrain because
most can not afford shoes – or the inability to complete a school assignment simply
because: there is no pencil available. Teachers in rural Africa don’t have “extras”.
Uniforms are required but few children are able to dress in a full ensemble. Some
lack any uniform at all. This was the story of Jackline. Although Jackline was young,
she felt the sting of inequality when others came to school in uniforms and she did not own
a single piece. Her head hung low when we met her but it was impossible to miss the radiance
of this precious sole. Honestly? She stole our hearts.

The rest is history!
Jackline gets a new uniform.

To donate a uniform and shoes, go to or
send your check for $75 to Matanya’s Hope PO Box 562 Homewood, IL 60430 USA

The Kindness Connection

Matanya’s Hope thanks everyone who helped create the pencil cases for our children in Kenya. The pencils and personal notes inside were a real gift; most children in our program can’t afford even a single pencil! Your creations were brilliant! We also give a big thanks to those who worked behind the scenes. Together, we brought smiles to many faces.

To learn more about Matanya’s Hope and how you can change the world for one of our children through sponsorship, please go to or call us at (708) 822-HOPE (4673)