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Grace – a Young Girl with a Big Heart

How many lives do you think one child can touch?
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Grace Johnson Video

As Grace Johnson this question and she may not know the exact number, but she will be busy figuring out how to help as many as she can!

Grace holding up a few of the bracelets she made for our kids in Kenya.

Grace holding up a few of the bracelets she made for our kids in Kenya.

Grace loves making rubber band bracelets!

She was determined to make an entire collection and then send them with Matanya’s Hope on mission to touch the hearts of the kids in Kenya.

But Grace did not stop with bracelets! She copied a verse from the bible for each recipient, sharing with them a message of faith, hope and love.

Middle School Students Help Matanya’s Hope

Ann Thonson SHOES FOR AFRICA - Decatur Middle School Kids Collection Bin Pic IMG_8948

Ann Thomson Decatur Middle School sewing the blankets IMG_3545

Ann Thomson Decatur Middle School selling suckers for MH IMG_3532

Students at Decatur Middle School were quick to take leadership when they learned that many people in Kenya walk barefooted and sleep in the cold without a single blanket.

Students and other volunteers hand made over 60 fleece blankets which they donated to Matanya’s Hope. They then created a SHOE DONATION bin (pictured below), collecting shoes for Kenya throughout the year.

But these heroes and heroins did not stop with material goods. Students quickly realized that it costs money to get the goods over to Kenya and proceeded to sell suckers at their school, generating a profit surpassing $1000 – all of which was donated to Matanya’s Hope!

To Decatur Middle School and Ann Thomson, their quiet angel in the background (and all other angels who helped)… THANK YOU!

T-Town Bat Company Partners with Matanya’s Hope


T-TownBatCoMHCloseUp (1)

T-Town Bat Co. manufactures custom wood bats for the novice and pro ball player! Matanya’s Hope is honored to have T-Town Bat’s most popular model dedicated to raising money for our kids in Kenya. Owner of T-Town Bat Co, Chase Almy, shares: “We are happy to partner with such a great organization, as Matanya’s Hope, to offer a product to help those less fortunate in Kenya.”

On May 1st, T-Town Bat Co. unveiled it’s summer campaign, “Play 4 Kenya”. This custom bat, designed specifically for Matanya’s Hope, is available for purchase. A proceed of the sales will go to Matanya’s Hope’s work in Kenya. With every bat purchase, T-Town Bat Co. will also send out a “#Play4Kenya” bracelet to show your support for Matanya’s Hope.

To purchase your bat, go to or call: T-Town Bat Co.
(580) 380-1291