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Decatur Middle School Donates to Matanya’s Hope

The students at Decatur Middle School in Indianapolis Indiana heard the stories of our children in Kenya and decided that they could do something to help. Ann Thomson, Decatur Middle school staff member, traveled to Kenya with Matanya’s Hope and shared stories, pictures and videos with the students to help open their eyes to poverty in a third world nation.

For each of the last two years, these students have dedicated themselves to collecting shoes, books and book bags, making fleece blankets and selling lollipops to raise money for the students of Kenya. The joy of giving has also touched Ann’s daughter who donated several new books and blankets.

Each June Matanya’s Hope takes over 65 fifty pound bags filled with such donations to the students and communities we help.


Stay tuned for your donations meeting their new owners!


A Peek into our First Years

In 2005, I ventured into a world that most people only dream of. I traveled to Africa. Every sunrise greeted me with a breathtaking view of Kenya’s wildlife crossing the earthen plains. But what was about to happen next changed my life forever.

I met poverty.

I met children who faced days without food and children who faced life without parents.

…and I met hope. Hope within my own heart. I had to help.

Matanya’s Hope was born.

Within two years, we were providing mattresses, blankets, shoes, food and most of all HOPE through education to Kenya’s forgotten children.

Today, through sponsorships from people like you, most of the children who you will see in this video have graduated high school. Many are in their last year of college or university. HOW MUCH YOUR DONATIONS CAN DO TO CHANGE A LIFE!

I thank God for giving me this mighty direction and for being the source of hope and help to the children of Kenya.

DONATE TODAY and help us continue this work.
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To sponsor a child, contact Matanya’s Hope +1 708 822 HOPE (4673)
or reply to this post and we will get back to you.


Your Help is Our HOPE

Sponsor a Child Today.
Change a life forever.

The children in this video are real. They are some of the most precious people I have personally come to know. I’ve taken the pictures and shot the video. This is not some huge organization out there where the names of the children being helped are almost more like numbers. We are a family – and we are real. Become a part of our story.

Some of the children you will see in the video have been abandoned, others orphaned…and all are so effected by poverty that they often struggle to even find a meal.

Please – join me.
Give a little.
Sponsor a child.
Sponsor a LIFE.

Full sponsorship is $125 per month and sends a child to boarding school in Kenya. It provides tuition, room and board, food, uniforms, shoes, all hygiene products, transportation, books, monor medical, class trips and school supplies. All financial donations are tax deductible according to USA law.

(You can also sponsor a uniform or a pair of shoes. See our website for more ways to give).

I am preparing to leave for Kenya to visit these precious kids in one month. Let me take YOUR MESSAGE OF HOPE with me to the kids. They are eager to meet you. They are praying for sponsorship.

Thank you for stepping up to make education possible.


+1 708 822 HOPE (4673)

Matanya’s Hope
PO Box 562 Homewood, IL 60430

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Every 3.6 Seconds a LIFE is Claimed by Chronic Hunger… 75% of Those People are CHILDREN

Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of chronic hunger.

75% of those people are CHILDREN.

It is time WE take action.


One act of kindness CAN and WILL make a difference in someone’s life.

Will YOU be the one to make that difference?

Just a little
When is the last time you reached out and helped somebody SO MUCH for SO LITTLE

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HOPE FOR JOHN – His amazing journey to success

This is John Otinga. Several years ago, John was routinely sent home from high school, unable to pay fees, dejected and in tears. He knew he would be hungry at home for there was no food. Desperate to return to high school, he would sneak back and hide in the dorms until his mum could provide a few coins to allow him back to class for a few more days. This cycle continued until Matanya’s Hope discovered John. We sent him to college where he studied culinary arts. John studied with all of his heart.

Interviews uncovered amazing talent and promise in this young man. Out of hundreds of applicants, John was selected to work for a large hotel in The UAE. He continues to display a great work ethic and a heart filled with thanksgiving. This once dejected boy celebrates his promotion to management level at one of the world’s top hotel chains today!


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John Otinga CHEFEvery donation counts.

Thank you!
Michelle Stark
Founder & President, Matanya’s Hope

Preparing for Mission to Kenya

Michelle KENYA 1

PO Box 562
(708) 822-HOPE (4673)
Homewood, IL 60430


May 3, 2014

Dear Friend of Matanya’s Hope,

I am writing to personally thank you, as a friend of Matanya’s Hope, for your past support. It is gifts like yours that allow us to continue to work with and bless some of the world’s neediest children. Your gifts have helped to take their minds off of the hunger, thirst and homelessness they often experience.

You’ve helped us to provide food, clothing, school supplies, shoes, blankets, bibles, medical supplies and MOST OF ALL – HOPE. Through your donations, we now have students graduating university, working and supporting their own families – and sending their siblings and neighbors to school! School children, who once had no vision of a future, are now thriving. All in all, when we combine every dollar donated to help Matanya’s Hope serve these children, we have nothing short of a miracle! Thank you!

Spending June through August every year in the heart of impoverished Africa has taught me so much about what is most important in this world. Loving life – nurturing all that we can that is good – harvesting every moment – learning and sharing our blessings with those in need: these are the things that I have found matter most. While our next outfit or pair of shoes can be fun, they don’t even remotely save the world. ONE CHILD AT A TIME, we can continue our journey together, making this world a better, safer place for the orphaned and impoverished. Let’s join hands and be the voice for their tomorrow!

I humbly request your help as we prepare for mission. Please stand by our side. Sponsor a child $125/month or $1500 annually or help us get a bag to Kenya $250. Whatever you can give, we thank you with all of our hearts! Our mission depends on your donations. We will not quit. Children are depending on us.

Please take a moment and share this letter with your family and friends.

You can donate in two ways:
Go to our DONATE button on this site and click to make a secure Pay Pal donation to Matanya’s Hope

If you prefer writing a check:
Matanya’s Hope PO Box 562 Homewood, IL 60430 USA

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Matanya’s Hope is a registered 501C3 organization.

Very truly yours,

Michelle Stark
Founder & President
Matanya’s Hope

New Uniform

Children in impoverished areas of Kenya often lack very basic necessities.
My heart never grows used to seeing the agonizing walk over harsh terrain because
most can not afford shoes – or the inability to complete a school assignment simply
because: there is no pencil available. Teachers in rural Africa don’t have “extras”.
Uniforms are required but few children are able to dress in a full ensemble. Some
lack any uniform at all. This was the story of Jackline. Although Jackline was young,
she felt the sting of inequality when others came to school in uniforms and she did not own
a single piece. Her head hung low when we met her but it was impossible to miss the radiance
of this precious sole. Honestly? She stole our hearts.

The rest is history!
Jackline gets a new uniform.

To donate a uniform and shoes, go to or
send your check for $75 to Matanya’s Hope PO Box 562 Homewood, IL 60430 USA